Getting Started

Metropolitan Commercial Bank exposes a simple RESTful API to inquire about Account Information and Transaction History as well as perform account transfers. The API operates over HTTP and all requests/responses are JSON objects.

MCB Test Accounts

When running sample requests you must input account numbers. MCB has created 3 live accounts that can be used for transferring and testing.
These will be typed directly into the requests when using the "Try It" button within MCB API Services.

The account numbers are 6500000099, 6500000123, 6500000064

Postman Test Environment

A Postman environment has been created to help with testing and understanding of API calls. There are folders of premade calls that showcase all of the important functionality of the API.

After importing the MCB Postman configuration file into your local instance of Postman you will instantly have access. You must start with a call to retrieve a token which can be found under the token folder, this will store the token to be used in proceeding calls. Tokens have an expiration time of 24 hours, to refresh you can run the retrieve token call again.

These example calls have live test accounts to transfer between and allows for you to observe all functionality of the API.

Access to the Postman collection is not available until initial on-boarding is completed